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a).  No background music

b).  No lengthy speeches.

c).  Virtual "0" db distortion and background noise, yet, containing the nuance, that takes place naturally, during LIVE representations.            Therefore not mundane, and more akin to the listener, as simply "joining in", and becoming the third person in a Family Rosary.


2).  Narrators are a Father (tenor) and Daughter (alto) - (Speaking NOT singing) that have approx. 40 yrs in combined experience in public and private recitation of Rosary prayers and meditations.

a).  Each complete mystery lasting from 15 - 16 minutes.


3).  All 4 Mysteries (Joyful - Sorrowful - Glorious - Luminous), have a short statement (5-10 seconds) of each upcoming mystery and decade.

a).  The Mysteries and Decades have been placed on Tracks 1-25.

b).  A quick reference chart is on the face of the CD itself showing which mysteries are on which tracks of the cd.

c).  You can easily search to the beginning of any mystery or decade.

d).  If you stop within a decade, the CD player will, restart right where you stopped.


4).  Simply Stated: One quality CD (see picture of same) ( hear audio example ) for aiding in the recitation of this wonderful series of prayers and meditations known as "THE ROSARY", designed for use at Home-Travel-or Public Group Forum. Copyright by Narrators (2007 all rights reserved)


5).  This Rosaryoncd would not have been possible, without the loving dedication to the art of recording and talent in production and editing completed, by Matt K., founder of World Record Productions. At the time of this recording Matt's studio was in the WCCO building downtown Minneapolis Minnesota.

THANK YOU MATT. You will be always in our Prayers

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